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Mesotherapy was first described by a French Physician Michael Pistor 1952. In 1987, French Academy of Medicine recognised Mesotherapy as part of traditional medicine. Mesotherapy treatment is a non surgical cosmetic procedure which is aimed to diminishing problematic areas of body including cellulite, accumulated fat, body sculpting, face or neck rejuvenation, hair loss and many alike. In this particular treatment injections are administrated that contain several types of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, homeopathic medicines etc. These injections are introduced into mesoderm (middle layer of fat and tissue beneath the skin). The whole process is completed in different sessions of treatment that varies as per supposed area. In its most simple form, Mesotherapy uses customised microinjections of medications, amino acids, and vitamins that are administered into the mesoderm layer of the skin by a licensed medical provider. Mesotherapy injections target specific body areas and are used to treat a broad spectrum of illnesses, pain conditions and body contour issues. Mesotherapy’s cosmetic application treats various skin conditions such as acne, cellulite, stretch marks, scars and wrinkles. Additionally, Mesotherapy is frequently used to eliminate sagging skin of the face and neck, retard the progression of wrinkling, and rejuvenate complexions offering a more youthful appearance. Occasionally, Mesotherapy is used in conjunction with botox or dermal fillers to treat and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, furrows, lines, etc. More recently, Mesotherapy has been shown to successfully treat some forms of hair loss, commonly referred to alopecia. This condition, which affects both men and women, may result from poor circulation, an improper diet as well as from the excess production of one of the body’s natural hormones - dihydrotestosternone and also to stimulate the body to naturally grow and replace lost hair.



Mesotherapy is frequently used to treat several conditions that include cellulite, localized fat deposits, facial and neck wrinkles, acne, hair loss and stretch marks. Injections with a variety of natural or synthetic compounds are introduced with the help of a tiny needle into the mesoderm. Most people can easily bear the slight pain that is felt during an insertion of injection. Some people with a low pain threshold for them injections can be supervised under local anesthesia.

Indications are:

  • Hair : Hair Loss.
  • Face: Facial Rejuvenation. Facial Pigmentation.
  • Body: Body Sculpting.



In order to realise the highest level of efficacy, it’s important to review these pre and post treatment considerations. We’ll review these at the time of making your appointment and answer any questions you may have. By doing so, we’re able to provide the highest level of care while guaranteeing the best results.

BEFORE: It is very important that before you undergo the mesotherapy procedure, you fully understand the process and what to expect both during it and afterwards. You should discuss your justifications for wanting the treatment as well as your expectations with the practitioner prior to the therapy. This will allow you to develop a clear and accurate idea as to how the treatment will affect you. During the discussion, you will also be given the opportunity to learn about or ask questions about any potential risks or side effects as well. At the pre-mesotherapy meeting, you should be prepared to have your medical history questioned and analysed. This is just a way for the practitioner to ensure that the treatment is suitable for you and that there will be no unforeseen dangers. Usually, you will then be required to sign a consent form to declare that you are aware of and have accepted the risks and benefits that can result from the mesotherapy. It is possible that your practitioner may then take a photo of the area being treated. This allows post-procedure comparisons to be made so both you and the practitioner can see the difference. You may also be asked if it would be ok for the practitioner to use the photos of examples for future patients who are looking to have mesotherapy for the same or similar reasons.

DURING: The mesotherapy procedure varies depending on the technique used. Firstly is the standard needle technique. A licensed practitioner will perform this version of mesotherapy using a small, fine needle to inject the specifically chosen ingredients into the mesoderm of the skin. The location of the injection is dependent on what you are having treated: it is localised. The needle is always only inserted at a shallow depth into the skin. However, the actual number of injections done as well as the concentration of each ingredient is dependent on the individual patient. However, in general, each penetration is approximately one inch away from the last. Sometimes a “multi-pricking” technique is employed. This involves many quick, shallow injections are made in a localised spot. This can be done manually by hand or alternatively; a gun system may be used. Once the injections have been completed, the ingredients break down the excess fat so it can be removed. In general, the injection mesotherapy method is rather time-consuming.

AFTER: There is very little to say in regards to the recovery time after your mesotherapy treatment. You are able to return to your everyday life the day after your procedure, including going back to work. You should note that despite the speedy recovery, you may still notice some bruising, discomfort, swelling and possible itchiness but this should quickly subside. To try and ease these aftereffects, you should avoid vigorous activities and wear loose fitting clothes for a few days. Below is an idea of the time recommendations you may wish to take into account in order to benefit your recovery from mesotherapy like appropriate clothing should be worn for 72 hours, strenuous exercise, hot showers, sauna etc. should be avoided for 48 hours.




Our products

We use only certified products manufacturers. Before mesotherapy is advisable to familiarise yourself with the type of product that will be applied.

Treatment duration

Taking into consideration that the areas are different, and taking into account the amount used and the type of product and the sensitivity of the patient time ranges from 30 min. to 40 min.

Treatments number – How often?

Mesotherapy always assumes a course of treatments in different time intervals, which vary depending on the treated problem, substance used and the desired effect. The frequency of repetition is once a week to once a month, a course of treatment usually consists of 3 to 10 treatments.

Expected results and benefits

The results of mesotherapy for body is measured in cm. if the problem is with cellulite and fat deposits. The patient may download up to two numbers from her clothes in accordance with the period and the duration of the course and the doctor's instructions about lifestyle and diet. Successfully treat fat deposits in the waist, legs, buttocks, double chin and others. Very often the advantages of mesotherapy are comparable to those of liposuction, but compared with the surgical method is no time to recover. Mesotherapy directly attack cellulite, eliminate fat deposits without the need for hospitalization and standard anesthesia. Mesotherapy is widely used for various diseases such as acne, treatment of wounds and the like. In aesthetic medicine successfully used to refresh and nourish the skin, better appearance and prevention of wrinkles.

Risks and recovery

The mesotherapy is considered relatively safe and most patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure. Light possible side effects can be redness, mild bruising and mild swelling of the treated areas, which in most cases go away for an hour or two after the procedure. The doctor will advise you on what is appropriate cosmetics to avoid skin irritation. You need to to avoid fitness and exercise, sauna, steam bath for the next 48 hours.

Contraindications and restrictions

The patient should be mature enough to fully understand the procedure, be in relatively good physical and psychological health and has no allergy against mesotherapy ingredients and substances.

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